We believe that we are blessed to be a blessing. Since our very first gathering we have been committed to giving 10% of our income away to local and global missions.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Society of St. Vincent de Paul, one of the oldest charities in the world, is an organization of lay Catholic men and women whose mission is to grow spiritually by helping others who are destitute, deprived or in some need, also get closer to Almighty God. The common denominator of each and every initiative is a heartfelt desire to embrace the lost, the forgotten, the oppressed, the have-nots of our communities, living as they do, on the fringes of society. St. Vincent desire Paul offers their friendship and spiritual and material support to help restore their dignity as children of God; to let them know, in tangible and intangible ways, that there are those who care about them; to give them hope and, if possible, the realization that there can be joy in living. COAH partners with St. Vincent de Paul every third Saturday of the month purchasing, preparing, and serving breakfast to 120 to 150 people.

St. Petersburg Pregnancy Center – Founded in 1983, St. Petersburg Pregnancy Center is a locally organized and funded outreach. They provide a variety of free services and programs to meet the needs of their clients and of the community. Free and confidential services Include: pregnancy tests, referrals to resources and agencies that can help, confidential counseling, education about pregnancy, abortion and alternatives, and outreach to families of pregnant teens. Through G.O.A.L.S. (Gaining Opportunities Achieving Life Services) program clients can receive maternity clothing, diapers, formula, baby clothing and furnishings, post abortion counseling, pregnancy and fetal development, counseling for sexuality and relationship issues, and support services, including referrals for housing, childbirth classes and future medical assistance. COAH partners with St. Petersburg Pregnancy Center providing monthly financial and prayer support for their ministry.

R.O.O.T. Motorcycle Prison Ministry
Although ROOT MPM is a Motorcycle Ministry, walk in’s are just as valuable and needed. Prison Ministry is not for everyone. We spend all day with the prisoners. In the summer we get hot! In the winter we get cold! When it rains we get wet! We travel to prisons all over the state of Florida often 100’s of miles from home. (Most stay overnight at the designated hotel) We gather this army together once a month,usually the first Saturday of the month. We roll in with about 15 – 20 Bikes, 30 to 35 volunteers.The motorcycles bring out inmates who probably would not have participated in a traditional Christian program. Most Of our volunteers have been incarcerated, delivered from addictions, gangs, etc.. Their testimony brings the hope of change to the inmates. We are soldiers; our battle is in the back yard of the enemy. We have been called to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those most of society has forgotten,and there is no other place any of us would rather be. Once you have become cleared, you will be allowed access to the volunteer part of the web site where you will find additional information about each prison visit, news, prayer requests , view and post pictures and videos, etc.. Love God, Love to Ride, Join us behind the wire.

A21 Campaign (Multinational) – Human trafficking is an organized criminal industry that affects every nation. While the statistics can seem overwhelming, it is important to remember that every number represents the life of a victim. The A21 Campaign is committed to combating this injustice through rescuing one life at a time. They are comprised of individuals, organizations and government officials who are committed to abolishing injustice in the 21st century — with dreams of a tomorrow with no more trafficked victims to assist, because human trafficking has been abolished. COAH partners with The A21 Campaign by providing monthly financial and prayer support.

Double Portion Ministries (India) – Double Portion Ministries is passionately working to impact a world filled with “bad news” with the “God News”. This impact can also currently be seen in Asia where souls and lives are being changed for eternity through the ministries established by Double Portion Asia. Church planting, Gospel crusades, medical camps, and community building projects are among some of the initiatives currently being accomplished. COAH partners with Double Portion providing monthly financial and prayer support and has every intention of going with them to India to fulfill the call God has placed on their heart to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Salerno City Church (Italy) – Nearly 150,000 residents occupy the central part of Salerno, but there are very few examples of churches that are impacting and redeeming their cities with the Gospel. Though a large portion of the Italian people are Catholic, very few are involved regularly, less than 5%, and very few understand the simple message that we are saved by grace alone, through faith. The vast majority of Italians simply have never heard the Gospel nor have anyone in there sphere of life or community that can share it with them. Salerno City Church is a church plant desires to see Italians reaching their own country with the hope of the Gospel. To become a community of Spirit-filled followers of Jesus that find their ultimate hope in Jesus, and seek to redeem their city, country and the world. COAH partners with Salerno City Church by providing monthly financial and prayer support.

Zion International Missions Ministry (Belize) – Zion International Missions Ministry is a Christian ministry founded to perform missionary services for distressed families in Belize, Central America. Through their mission work and projects, a primary goal of ZIMM is to provide spiritual nourishment to the families they serve by sharing biblical knowledge and understanding as it relates to their socio-economic capacity. Mission projects include distribution of medical supplies, conducting medical surveys, land purchase and clearing, and installation of drinking wells. In addition, ZIMM awards academic scholarships to deserving students to King’s College, a local private Christian high school. Future plans will include the construction of ZIMM mission villas which will provide temporary housing for visiting missionaries to worship, offer health services, and present workshops during their missionary stay in rural Belize. COAH partners with ZIMM by providing monthly financial and prayer support, and by partnering with them on missions trips to help fulfill God’s call.

Champion of Choices – The mission of Champion of Choices is to empower students to make healthy and positive choices that lead to lifelong success, initiating personal and social change to make a difference in themselves and their communities.

Amani Children’s Foundation (Kenya, Africa)
Amani Children’s Foundation cares for abandoned infants in Kenya in partnership with New Life Homes. ACF is a volunteer led organization. 100% of the donations received are used to provide food, clothes, shelter and loving care for the children of Kenya. ACF believes every child deserves a family and a good home.

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