Our Dream

“Diverse-CITY, Authenti-CITY, Generous-CITY”

Nothing promotes the peace and health of a city like the spreading of the Gospel. The Gospel calls us to be “for” the city and its people! It transforms individual lives and reforms whole neighborhoods. We believe nothing moves Christians to humbly serve, live with, and love all the diverse people of the city like the Gospel does.

    1. Cities are central to Jesus’ mission, and the mission of the early church, and to ours. (Luke 4:43)
    2. We want to live in the city and to love and respect the people of this city.
    3. We partner with and engage the people of the city by serving first the spiritual, then the physical and social needs of the city.
    4. We want to learn from the city, to accept and love its people, to invest our resources back into the city, and strive for excellence in all we do.

      Nothing really happens in life without a dream.  Every great work of art; every great idea that has advanced our culture; every building ever constructed; every church to ever open its doors, was birthed first in the heart, mind, soul, and  imagination of a single individual or a group of passionate people before it could ever be transformed into a reality.

      Nothing happens until a dream is first birthed in a heart. When that dream is birthed in a heart it is then conceived in the mind, it inspires the soul, it moves the spirit, and then begins the process of being transformed into a reality. God has birthed in us a dream to plant a City on a Hill Church:

      We dream…of a church where people love God, love people, and preach Christ.

      We dream…of a church where every person who attends believes that they will never lock eyes with someone who doesn’t matter to God.  A place fulfilling Christ’s mission to seek and save lost people. Luke 19:10

      We dream…of a church where believers who don’t have a church home or church family and have been wandering can find a home with us and a place to belong.

      We dream…of a church that is driven by a God-given vision to impact the city and world for the cause a Christ.  A church that will do what it takes to reach our city and Central Florida.  Proverbs 29:18

      We dream…of a church that has a missional heart. A church that is fully committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ by understanding that each person has been placed by God in a specific environment (work place, school, home, city) strategically to live out Christ’s message and to help lost people find their way to God.

      We dream…of a church where hurting, hopeless, discouraged, depressed, frustrated, and confused people of our city can discover Christ’s unconditional love, acceptance, grace, hope, and healing.

      We dream…of a church that shares the Gospel of Christ in a culturally relevant way through biblical preaching and teaching revealing practical ways to live and apply God’s Word everyday life.

      We dream…of a church that uses every source of creative communication available to us; spoken word, music, video, drama, to enhance, share, and apply sound biblical truths.

      We dream…of a church with incredible worship that exalts Christ and builds up the believer and unbeliever alike.  A place where music communicates God’s love and forgiveness.

      We dream…of a church where thousands of people can attend casual, contemporary, creative services for anyone who find themselves searching for God for the first time, seeking to know Him more, or striving to reconnect with Christ in their lives.

      We dream…of a church that creates numerous environments and opportunities for people to develop a deep sense of biblical community, where people live out and demonstrate the most telling evidence that marks every Christ follower, love for one another and care for one another’s needs.

      We dream…of a church that helps people uncover, unwrap, and use their God-given spiritual gifts. A church that is in tune and in line with what the Holy Spirit of God is leading and inspiring us to do in our individual lives, church community and in our city.

      We dream…of a church that creates an environment where people can discover their life mission and begin to develop the leadership skills needed to step out and use that knowledge to influence their family, friends, church, community, city, and world for Jesus Christ.

      We dream…of a church that invests in and builds successful and happy families.

      We dream…of a church with an awesome children’s ministry where kids beg their parents to come because they have a great time and they are experiencing God’s love in a real and meaningful way.

      We dream…of a church with a dynamic youth ministry where teenagers feel love and acceptance regardless of their appearance, who they are, or where they come from.

      We dream…of a church with people that share the love of God with the hopeless and the helpless.

      We dream…of a church of thousands who make up an army of love and compassion meeting the needs of their city and their world.

      We dream…of a regional church for Central Florida with a church building(s) lighting up the dark places in our city.  A recognizable place where people can come and find the help, hope, and healing they so desperately need.

      We dream…of a church with a heart to multiply to raise up and mentor pastors and leaders and plant new churches. By God’s grace we want to help plant five churches in the next ten years to the glory of God.

      We dream…of a church that has an international impact equipping, training, and sending resources, teams, and people into and onto the mission field.

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